Organic September
Be part of the UK’s biggest campaign dedicated to growing the organic market.

19-25 September – Organic Beauty Week
Be beautiful head-to-toe. Wear organic. Choose organic cotton.

16 October – World Food Day
Organic cotton is about the food security of farmers. Help us support World Food Day!

5 December – World Soil Day
Organic is about good soil and how it supports the circle of life. Go organic! Support World Soil Day!


Organic cotton shopping cart

Choose Organic Cotton

Next time you shop for cotton products – choose organic.

Organic cotton certified label

Check For Certification

Make sure your organic cotton product is certified by checking the label.

Talk about organic cotton

Spread The Word

Talk about organic cotton to your family and friends – in person or on social media.

Ask shops for organic cotton

Ask For Organic Cotton

Tell your favorite brands that you want to see more organic cotton in their products.